Choonz – Lads of Lash



“ What a fantastic raw and wild sound “ – Mike Wilson, and Green Man Review

“ What energy and kick! “ – Phamie Gow, multi award-winning harpist

“These young musical ‘wizards’ create with jigs & reels and their own melodies and improvisations a new, so far unsurpassed level of Celtic music, which takes one’s breath away. The liquid and unbelievable natural virtuosity in three such young musicians brought them the award of “Young Musicians of the Year 2006” at the world-renowned folk festival in Sidmouth, England, where they met that year. Brothers David and Paul Garner have multiple All-Britain fiddle and tin whistle titles (amongst many other awards) and are a rare and exciting listening experience whilst guitarist Brian Haitz provides headline-grabbing rhythms and sounds.
What sets Choonz apart is raw intensity and industry, from the often macho duelling on breakneck reels to the slow-burning grace of their slow airs, and they are a darkly edgy live act, combining their individual talents. Energetic, inventive and restless, Choonz are natural risk-takers. With human dynamo Brain Haitz’ bass-heavy guitar waging a lone assault on the listener’s diaphragm, Paul’s quick-fire whistle meets David’s ferocious fiddle head-on in the treble register. Not to be missed.”
Ferrara International Buskers Festival Italy, Brochure, 2008